Kitchenware 304 stainless steel infuser

  • Kitchenware 304 stainless steel  infuser

Name:Kitchenware 304 stainless steel infuser
Material304 stainless steel
Stainless steel InfuserPolished
PackingPE bag+box or negotiable
SampleGeneral sample in stock ,OEM sample is allowable for 5-7days
Delivery days45days around

Product Description

High quality unique design stainless steel kitchenware infuser is good quality materials used and handicraft to be beautiful ,good finishing and durableness.

OEM logo can be: Silkscreen, lazer,etching,Embossing.

Different sizes infuser specification:

 Item No.           Description        Size   N.Weight/Pc  Quantity/Ctn  Meas.of Ctn
 SN110  1# Stainless steel Infuser  D9.5/H9.5 cm       68.5 g      280 pcs  
 SN85  2# Stainless steel Infuser  D8  /H8 cm       50 g     320 pcs  
 SN65  3# Stainless steel Infuser  D6.5/H6.5 cm      30.5 g     480 pcs  
 SN50  4# Stainless steel Infuser  D5   /H5 cm       19 g     960 pcs
 SN45  5#Stainless steel Infuser  D4.5/H4.5 cm       16 g     960 pcs  
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